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September 15, 2016

Caminito del Rey with Marbella Escapes

Re-opened to great fanfare and global publicity in March 2015 and for its second incarnation since its inception in 1901, the Caminito del Rey has rapidly become a must visit for visitors and locals alike.

Once famed as the “World’s Most Dangerous Walkway” the Caminito del Rey has become somewhat tamer in its restoration but it is completely undiminished in beauty, stunning and dramatic views as well as still offering a few hair-raising moments.

Caminito del Rey Tour with Marbella Escapes

Image Courtesy of Marbella Escapes.

The Caminito has also become equally famous for being difficult to obtain tickets to and to get to once those tickets have been obtained. Unsurprisingly the Caminito del Rey has become Marbella Escapes most popular tour this summer, even surpassing our popular excursion to Ronda and Setenil de Las Bodegas.

This Top 10 Guide to the Caminito is intended for all those who are unable to join us are or simply thinking of heading out on their own, we may be a tour company but if you’re not joining our tours then we’re always happy to help and hopefully inspire others to explore and discover new Caminitos!

At Marbella Escapes, our aim is show tourists and locals alike the wonderful world of Andalucia, just a short day trip over the mountains from the Costa del Sol. Therefore the information in the below guide is aimed at people visiting the Caminito from the Costa del Sol, rather than other areas such as Antequera or Ronda for example.


    1. Actually reserving Caminito del Rey Tickets. The hardest part of the entire journey for many is obtaining tickets in the first place. Although the web site is available in English the final booking screen is in Spanish. Nine times out of ten you want the first box “Entrada General”, the middle box “Entradas Última Hora” is point two in this guide and is for last minute tickets. Box three is for “Visita Guiada” which entry with an official Caminito del Rey tour guide (we highly recommend Marbella Escapes instead of course!) The fourth and final box is hopefully one you won’t need, “Canjeo de Cierre” is where you go if you had tickets and couldn’t walk the Caminito due to it being closed, normally due to bad weather conditions.Simply press “Comprar” under the relevant box, select your date and hit “Buscar and you’ll be taken to the page for that day. “Agotado” means unfortunately they’re sold out for the time slot, the rest, is the number available for each slot. Select your time by pressing the “Seleccionar” button, on the next screen, you probably want “Entrada 10E + Autobús 1,55E” (which includes the bus ticket from the end of the Caminito del Rey in El Chorro and back to the start at El Kiosko,) hit the plus symbol for the number of tickets you need and press “Comprar”. You’ll be taken to the penultimate page, where your full name (Nombre), Tlf (Telephone Nº), Email, Passport Nº, Post Code (codigo postal) and finally nationality are required. You have to tick the top box, which is acceptance of the terms and conditions and then press Finalizar. The last screen here is where you input your credit / debit card details. Hopefully and finally, you should see confirmation of your order and your long awaited Caminito del Rey tickets will soon be delivered to your email inbox.
    2. No Caminito del Rey tickets available for the date you want? Don’t give up yet, there are still options. There are always last minute tickets available, however they’re only available for the 72 hours preceding a given date, if you’re quick, you should be able to get tickets, this is box two on the tickets page – “Entradas Última Hora”. There are also tickets available from restaurants and hotels in the area, although you’ll need to eat or stay the night. Your final option is to get to the start of the Caminito del Rey at 9:00am and you may be able to purchase tickets for that day (only for that day) directly as they have a limited number for sale for each day.
    3. Mondays – Don’t forget the Caminito del Rey is closed on Monday’s!
    4. So you’ve got your Caminito del Rey tickets, now the next part, getting there!Train Times – timings and stops are detailed in this pdf document.. However to summarise, by train the station is El Chorro. You can get trains from Sevilla or Málaga.
      Buses to the Caminito del Rey – well this is possible from the Costa del Sol but essentially you need to get to Málaga bus station first. There is a direct bus to the Caminito del Rey (but only two a day), the timetable for the M-236 MÁLAGA-PIZARRA-ÁLORA-CAMINITO DEL REY/EL CHORRO is here. However, remember El Chorro is the end of the Caminito del Rey, so you’ll still need to catch the shuttle bus to the start at El Kiosko.
      Driving – No matter what your GPS tells you, almost never will you want to take the Southern, route via Álora, always head to the Northern entrance via Ardales.
    5. Park at the End. If you do drive, then most people tend to park near El Kiosko restaurant, walk the Caminito and then catch the shuttle bus back, this is fine. However, especially at peak times, the shuttle bus sometimes has more passengers than seats and you may have to wait half an hour for the next bus. This is perhaps not ideal after an 8km walk and on a hot day! Our tip is to park at the end, catch the bus to the start, walk the Caminito del Rey and then simply hop in your car for a cooling drink / tapas!
    6. Two Tunnels. Once you’re parked or otherwise successfully transported to the start of the Caminito del Rey, which is, luckily for the establishment, located next to El Kiosko restaurant; well kind of. There’s actually two entrances, one is through the large tunnel next to El Kiosko, and is approx. 2.7km from the control cabin which controls access to the Northern end of Caminito and is where you need to be before the time on your ticket!
    7. The second tunnel, is around 200 metres back up the road from El Kiosko, it’s a wonderfully small and dark, long tunnel, possible the most


    1. Many people arrive at the start (El Kiosko), understandably at the time they have tickets for, be aware the actual entrance, at the control cabin is around a 20 – 40 minute walk from here depending on the tunnel chosen!
    2. Arrive on Time. The staff at the Caminito del Rey are in our experience extremely professional, helpful, polite and usually accommodating of late arrivals! The tickets state that you should be there half an hour before your start time, although we wouldn’t contradict this instruction, a punctual appointment is a rare thing in Andalucia, so don’t panic if you arrive nearer your time or even late (reasonably).


  1. We’re finally on the Caminito del Rey. The numerous highlights of the Caminito del Rey are best discovered yourself! However, as the Caminito is now a linear route, one important tip is not to forget to stop, pause, and look around and most importantly to look backwards! Some of the most impressive views of the Caminito, especially on the boardwalks through the Desfiladero de los Gaitanes gorges are looking backwards, where the smallness of the path against the dramatic gorge sides and the contrast between the wooden, modern walkway and the original concrete path is quite breathtaking.

To experience the Caminito del Rey for yourself, as well as the the area around  contact Marbella Escapes today!

Image Courtesy of Marbella Escapes.

Image Courtesy of Marbella Escapes.

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