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Cueva del Gato

November 30, 2014

Just 10 minutes outside Ronda lies one of the true beauty spots of Andalucía, the Cueva del Gato in the Guadiaro Valley.

With its crystal clear waters and it’s stunning natural setting, it’s a highlight of our “Walk of the Two Caves tour”. In winter, beautiful to visit and follow the riverside walk down to Benaojan/Estacion in the summer, perfect for a cooling dip.

Cueva del Gato Pool

The cave entrance, so named due to a supposed resemblance to a cats face, is the exit of an 8km long cave system, which starts further north with another cave, the Cueva del Hundidero. The cave system consists of a main passage over 4km long, which during dry seasons has 25 lakes, the longest of which (Cabo de las Tormentas – Cape Thunderstorm) is 114m long. In total there are over 8km of passages in this fascinating cave complex, which is a common feature of the geology of the area. Expert guided tours are available, but only during the month of August.

Our visit, took place on a glorious December day, with blue skies and warm sunshine even this late in the year. The Guadiaro valley, alternately golden and green with the Chestnut trees in their autumnal colours, provided a stunning backdrop.

View from the Cueva del Gato

A short walk along the river bank, brings us to the cave entrance, spectacular at this time of year with recent rains gushing out. Some steps carved into the rocks allow us to approach right to the entrance of the cave (with caution!). The cats face resemblance is hard to see but standing at the entrance and peering into the depths of the mountain while the water gushes out is an awe inspiring experience.

Cave Entrance - Cueva del Gato IMAG0064

The pool itself, is calm and clear and framed beautifully by the mountains and the cave behind. The temptation to dive in is irresistible and in summer makes a perfect spot for a lunch and a cooling swim.

Dive in!

Take a look at our Walk of the Two Caves Tour if you fancy an escape to see this paradise spot, just over an hours drive from the busy Costa del Sol and Marbella. Or contact us about all our Marbella Escapes.

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