Gaucin Church and Castle with Marbella Escapes

Gaucin – Views to Inspire

March 4, 2015

Located in the Genal valley and the first village of the Serrania de Ronda encountered on the beautiful road up from the coast, Gaucin occupies an outstanding position, surrounded by coak forests, chestnut and olive trees and dotted with a flash of pink when the Almond Blossom trees are in bloom.

Known as the “Balcony of the Ronda Mountains”, it offers panoramic views down the valley and over the coast, the Mediterranean and Africa, as well over to the Sierra de Bermeja and the dramatic white crest of the Sierra Crestellina.

Colours of Gaucin and its Beautiful Views

Once an important strategic outpost, which along with Gibraltar, formed the gateway to the South, the Romans constructed the “Castillo del Águila” or Castle of the Eagle. However it was the invading Moors that had the greatest impact on Gaucin.

Its windy streets, carefully following the curves of the hill, are filled with reminders of this Moorish past. With balconies carefully positioned to take full advantage of the sun and the dramatic views, beautiful carved wooden doors and porcelain lizards adorning the walls, it’s easy to see what attracts the many artists and writers who have made Gaucin their home.

A not so gentle walk to the top of the town, takes us to the 16th Century Church of San Sebastian and behind it, the Castle. The Castle not only gives stunning 360º views of the area, it is also home to the beautifully decorated Ermita de Santa Niño, or the Shrine of the Holy Child.

Guacin, with it’s stunning views, it’s beautiful natural surroundings, it’s windy Moorish steets with whitewashed houses and it’s inescapable charm is a true Marbella Escape, just 30 minutes from the coast but a world away in terms of charm and beauty.

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Gaucin The Balcony of Ronda

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