Listen to the Wolves Howl at Lobo Park Antequera

January 17, 2018

Lobo Park Antequera is a unique and beautiful wildlife park, located in the heart of Andalucía and at the foot of the spectacular El Torcal National Park. A part of our Dolmens, Wolf Park and El Torcal Tour, designed for those looking for nature, adventure and a something a little different on their day trips.

Set amongst 40-hectares of traditional Mediterranean forest, the four-different species of wolves (Native Iberian wolf, European Wolves, Arctic Wolves and Timber Wolves) live in huge enclosures in an unspoilt and beautiful environment and although partially accustomed to human contact live as wild as possible, so much so that they need the occasionally coaxing out of hiding!

Leader of the Pack at the Wolf Park Antequera
“Leader of the Pack” Image Courtesy of Wolf Park Tour.

The friendly and expert guides at the Wolf Park will take us a on a short-guided walk through the landscape and introduce us to these magnificent and rare animals and from the viewing platforms you get the chance to see the wolf packs up close.

The behaviour of the wolves within the packs is incredible to observe, with their clearly defined leaders and hierarchy and it’s a wondrous sensation to look these intelligent animals in the eyes and if you’re lucky enough to hear, the incomparable sounds of the wolves in full howl.

Prowling Wolves at Lobo Park Antequera
“On the Prowl” Image Courtesy of Wolf Park Tour.

As well as the wolves, the park is also home to various other “adopted” animals, from Vietnamese pot-bellied pigs (one of which likes to be scratched and one that doesn’t!), goats, foxes, peacocks and many more.

The Lobo Park is a true surprise for all that visit, one of those places you’ll always remember visiting. We always aspire at Marbella Escapes to include in our tours something that other tours don’t offer and as many of our clients have commented, the Wolf Park is one of the unexpected highlights of many a day trip or shore excursion.

Get Up Close with the Wolves at the Wolf Park Antequera
“Up Close” Image from the Wolf Park Tour.

To find out more about the tour you can visit the Dolmens, Wolf Park and El Torcal Tour page here or contact us here and come with us and listen to the Wolves howl!

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