Walk of the Two Caves

Escape the Heat of summer with These Cooling Caves and a Swim in a Crystal Clear River Pool

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Cueva del Gato

One of the Tue Natural Beauty Spots of the Serranía de Ronda

The Cueva del Gato alongside the Rio Guadiaro, just a short drive outside of Ronda, is one of the true natural beauty spots of the Serranía de Ronda. Its crystal clear waters, its waterfall framed by the cavernous entrance to the looming cave and its stunning natural setting is a perfect spot for a cooling swim after the short walk from the nearby town of Estación de Benaoján.

The exit of an 8km long cave system which starts at the Cueva del Hundidero near the nearby village of Montejaque, the Cueva del Gato can’t be entered by mere day trippers and requires specialist caving equipment. However the shady banks of the pool and the river, are a popular spot for a picnic and to pass a hot summer’s day in the always (extremely!!) cold waters.

The Cueva del Gato is the final stop on the tour. After our visit to the Cueva de La Pileta, and lunch at the small town of Estación de Benaoján, the walk the to the cave is a gentle, beautiful 2.5km stroll alongside the Rio Guadiaro which enables us to enjoy the lush riverbank vegetation and birdlife as well as stunning mountain scenery.

Cueva de la Pileta

Prehistoric Cave Paintings and Natural Wonders

The Cueva de la Pileta, discovered in 1905 by a local landowner, is an impressive and unique experience and the guided tour by torch light given by descendants of the Bullón family, the discoverers of this special place is informative and interesting.

With cave art going back over 25,000 years and signs of habitation up until as recent as 5,000 years ago, the Cueva de La Pileta is a wonder of both human and natural art. From simple charcoal lines and abstract markings to goats, horses and a giant fish, all can be seen in great detail in a way not possible in other caves.

The tour passes through spacious halls and galleries, dripping with stalactites, with walls covered in the most varied and colourful display of mineral deposits and through narrow passageways and past small lakes that encompasses just a small part of the overall Pileta cave system.

The lack of commercialism and the closeness of the tour to the paintings and galleries set a visit to the Cueva de La Pileta apart and the cave has long been regarded as one of the highlights of the Ronda area.

Find out more before your tour to the Cueva de La Pileta on our latest Blog.

  • View from Cueva de la Pileta
    View from Cueva de la Pileta
  • Entrance to the Cueva de La Pileta
    Cueva de la Pileta Entrance
  • Fish Cave Painting in Cueva de la Pileta
    Fish Cave Painting in Cueva de la Pileta

Tour Options

Cueva del Gato and Cueva de La Pileta Visit

Our walk of the Two Caves tour, as with all Marbella Escapes tours and excursions is a private tour, meaning you get a truly unique and intimate experience. Pick up & drop off are door to door, from anywhere on the Costa del Sol – Malaga, Fuengirola, Marbella, Estepona as well as shore excursions from cruise ships docking at Malaga port. Your tour guide will meet you in a comfortable, air-conditioned vehicle for the drive to the caves.

Entrance to the Cueva de La Pileta that we visit are included in the tour price. Lunch is not included in the tour price, however during the tour, we can either stop for lunch at an popular local restaurant in Estación de Benaoján with a delicious menu del dia or the nearby, justly renowned Molino del Santo.

Please note the Cueva de la Pileta can be slippery, dark, steep and with small passages which require care to pass, please wear decent walking shoes or trainers, sandals and flip flops are not ideal and the itinerary as a whole is not best suited to people with mobility problem. The caves are also home to bats, which are normally sleeping! We can of course adjust the tour accordingly so please mention in the comments section when booking any issues we should be aware of.

The Two Caves tour is a fascinating and beautiful Marbella Escape, far removed from the busy Costa del Sol and in what is our opinion one the most beautiful areas around Ronda. Contact Marbella Escapes today to come and experience these unique places for yourself.

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