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Zoo de Castellar – The Cutest Marbella Escape

February 14, 2016

Situated on the edge of the Los Alcornocales natural park, amongst stands of dense cork oak forests, the Zoo de Castellar is one of the Costa del Sol’s best kept secrets. It is increasingly well known amongst residents in the area thanks in large part due to lots of cute Facebook photos of people holding baby lions and tigers!

Located inland, just past Sotogrande and about an hour drive from Marbella and the rest of the Coast, it still remains blissfully undiscovered by the tourist hordes and is certainly off the main route, which is why it’s the first stop on our escorted tour of the Zoo de Castellar, the hilltop fortress village of Castellar de La Frontera and one of Andalusia’s prettiest white villages, Casares.

Originally set up in 1998 as a private project to home animals seized by the authorities, it was official opened to the public in 2002. The facilities, whilst basic, are constantly growing and improving and visiting the zoo helps to provide the income needed to carry out the fantastic work they do here and to awareness of the plight of the animals in their care.

Castellar Zoo Excursion with Marbella Escapes

Small, open and intimate, the Zoo is staffed by a friendly and knowledgeable team that have great relationships with the animals they care for and delight in showing you the animals and allowing you to interact with them, which is the highlight of any trip to Castellar Zoo.

The star of the video above, is 3 month old Black Panther and an encounter with him is the cutest thing you’ll ever experience on a Marbella Escapes tour!

Upon entering the Zoo you may encounter a young Ocelot or lynx cub that can be found sunbathing near the entrance, being stroked and played with by brave children and adults alike or maybe a penguin waddling after a bucket of fish. You may maybe lucky enough for a brief encounter with the majestic Adon, a beautiful white Bengal tiger.

For the less adventurous, there’s llamas, rabbits, goats, marsupials and a myriad of small mammals and birds that will be more than happy for you to feed them from the small bag of feed that can be purchased at the entrance for 1 €.

Castellar de Zoo is definitely not your typical zoo by a long and as we at Marbella Escapes don’t offer your typical tour then an excursion to this hidden corner of the Coast will entertain, delight and leave you with unforgettable experience – as well as some cute photos for Facebook!

Contact us now to book your private, guided tour to Castellar Zoo or to see further information about the other stops on the tour, visit the Castellar Zoo, Castellar de La Frontera and Casares tour page.

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    a court Reply March 19, 2017 at 4:15 pm

    could u tell me how much the castellar zoo tour is for 3 adults from marbella, also which days of the week they take place. I am visiting
    27th june – 4th july 2017. many thanks.

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